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Hello there, my name is Cheyenne Gray. Welcome to my official author page! I’m a self-published author, speaker and ghostwriter. I began my writing journey in 2016 as a children’s author publishing the book, Brother Tree. Having a passion to enlighten our youth, I subject the book around moral standards and life lessons. I quickly discovered that although my love for children persuaded me into delivering this story about character building, I was all the more in love, with the ability to connect with my readers in such a personal way. I uncovered the ability to publish material that could ultimately influence or encourage someone’s decision towards becoming a truer, authentic and reputable version of themselves. Today I stand determined, to leave an impact on the youth with my writings while striving to raise their standard and character.

The Ghostwriter
Cheyenne G.

I’ve always been impressed by the influence literary has had on people and the decisions they determine. I have written to encourage, inspire and entertain. I am a storyteller at heart. I live to capture perspective and then narrate it through the beautiful and limitless art of writing. For that very specific reason, I have become a reliable ghostwriter to my clients. I am passionate about storytelling and do so very expressively. Allow me to work with you on your next project!

"I write to relate, I write to encourage, I write to invite conversation and provoke thought."

- Cheyenne G.

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